Electric electric power drafts the country in Dalate banner investment is built 20 billion yuan " scene store " project of new energy resources

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:54

China store can net dispatch: On December 22, base of the sources of energy of much Si Zhihui of Er of another name for Hubei province of electric electric power amounts to the country pull special banner 650 thousand kilowatt " scene is the same as " evaluation of report of research of feasibility of project of bend over of wind light produced by electricity can be held, drive project early days to work jointly with all possible means, declare for project follow-up lay solid foundation. Banner appoint secondary division of members of standing committee, government grows Wang Ping to attend the meeting and make a speech; Electric power of report of finite liability company, state develops group of investment of national energy resources Inc. (electric power of abbreviation state report) , report of limited company, China builds total courtyard of power program design the company controller such as limited company of academy of design of survey of electric power of group Heibei province attends the meeting.

It is reported, dalate project of bend over of banner wind light produced by electricity is to carry out fulfil national energy group and E Er much this the spirit of agreement of strategic collaboration framework that municipal government signed in December 2019, push national energy group deep E Er is much this " scene fire Chu Qing " the priority discipline that base of integrated wisdom the sources of energy builds unifinication, draft by the country Inc. of development of electric electric power invests construction. "945 " during, plan in Dalate the banner builds smooth hot season report of 2.65 million kilowatt, wind 1 million kilowatt, store can 480 thousand kilowatt, total investment makes an appointment with 20 billion yuan, will build go into operation entirely 2025. The 650 thousand kilowatt that evaluates this " scene is the same as " project of bend over of wind light produced by electricity is located in Dalate banner southwest direction, it is a among them main item. "Scene is the same as " it is the revolutionary practice that development of new energy resources uses, it can make full use of land natural resources and power station are public establishment; Exert oneself through wind, light at the same time complementary the stability that increases a power station to exert oneself further, suit better thereby new the power market demand below reform of system of round of power.

Wang Ping goes out in speech middle finger, in recent years, dalate the banner built the whole nation to be connected centrally piece, the Guang Fufa report with the largest scale sets an example demonstrative base of base and 3 industries confluence. Electric electric power develops the nation Inc. Dalate of project of bend over of banner wind light produced by electricity carry out, will be Dalate the motive force with the development more powerful infuse of industry of banner new energy, supply of new to enhancing competition ability of region industry core, aggrandizement energy resources produces far-reaching effect, progress of economy of contemporary to whole town and even municipality the sources of energy comes into being principal demonstrative port. The banner will be Dalate hammer and tongs the project is driven provide the most excellent service and the strongest support, with the enterprise a joint efforts, strive for a project to be obtained at an early date batch.

During evaluation is met, speak out freely of personnel attending the meeting, offerred a lot of precious opinion proposals, advanced job of project early days to lay a foundation to accelerate.

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