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China store can net dispatch: Network company allotted the state recently " the announcement that invests about controlling electrified wire netting strictly further " (national electrified wire netting does [2019] 826 article) . Put forward in article " 3 forbidden, 2 must not, 2 no longer " investment builds train of thought.

The individual thinks, this is a file not just, however network company whole develops the nation a mark of strategic transition. Regard the biggest electrified wire netting on the world as the enterprise, country network company builds what what need every year to purchase amount because of investment tremendous, to electric power relevant industry catenary is affected tremendous, this file also will cause the tremendous change of whole industry.

Wire side faces the nation new main contradiction

Of the party 19 put forward greatly, our country economy already grew level to turn to high quality to develop level by high speed, developing way at change, optimize economic structure, changeover to grow dynamic to tackle key problem period.

What network company faces the nation is main and contradictory, also produced move:

One, the main contradiction of phase of high speed growth and development train of thought: The unripe generation that people grows increasingly uses electric demand alive, what be not worth with ability of power supply of electrified wire netting is contradictory. Alleviate the main measure of this one contradiction, pass namely " large investment, tall capital construction, heavy asset " construction mode, optimize the structure of electrified wire netting of each voltage grade ceaselessly, alleviate the contradiction with electric power lopsided n.

2, the main contradiction of phase of high quality development and development train of thought: Through construction of high speed of electrified wire netting, grow the changeover of level as economy, company of electrified wire netting is original the main contradiction that be faced with gets already basically settlement. The main and contradictory changeover of new level is: The construction operation cost of enterprise of electrified wire netting and society reduce electrovalency to anticipate the contradiction between.

New main contradiction and original development do not match between mode, this made a state net the fundamental key of 826 article.

Country 4 of net transition exterior challenges

, fall the pressure of electrovalency

Network company regards the country as state-owned company on one hand, should satisfy national endowment appoint examine a requirement to the management of state-owned company; On the other hand, what should face policy to the gender depreciates and superintend a gender to depreciate again is double depreciate pressure.

And the addition as pressure of economic be issued to lower levels, and the addition of uncertainty of Sino-US trade friction, this kind depreciate macroscopically pressure will bigger and bigger, will show with all sorts of microcosmic configuration even come out.

Level of network company headquarters is in the country all sorts of respects of exert a subtle influence on bearing enormous pressure. One kind 826 article are this pressure is opposite next delivering.

2, the challenge of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of terminal client and n

The terminal client that enterprise of electrified wire netting faces three sides and terminal n prediction of a person's luck in a given year

1, company of carry out phone digs large quantities of high value clients from enterprise of electrified wire netting;

2, new energy company is passed " initiative for private use " means, make prediction of a person's luck in a given year of n of enterprise of electrified wire netting;

3, the competition that increment mixes network company.

Although the first round be defeated by distribution cost basic translation the price of purchase and sale of electrified wire netting is poor, and the settle accounts function of power market still stays in company of electrified wire netting, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that looks terminal client and n is not the urgentest challenge to company of electrified wire netting, but medium in light of long-term strategy, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of this kind of the most high grade client and n, the influence to company of electrified wire netting is very great.

3, the challenge of energy technology development

1, two when network company offers the country 50% the sources of energy develop a target (to 2050, the sources of energy is formed in clean the sources of energy is occupied 50% , the electric energy in terminal energy consumption is occupied 50% ) , accept of disappear of electrified wire netting and moving energy-saving force is to need answer future large-scale intermittence power source and the requirement of the net.

2, many distributed energy technology, make enterprise of electrified wire netting is faced with " go to a center changing " pressure. For instance distributed smooth hot season + distributed store can + small electrified wire netting + the flexibility bear that can attemper, go up objectively not to need enterprise of electrified wire netting to offer so high power supply reliability again.

This also is a country net 826 article prohibit strictly of excessive pursuit high reliability " perfect " the reason of the project. Invest to matching the high reliability of the net for, be " a minute of money a minute of goods, goods of dichotomy of two wool money, 3 money 3 minutes of goods " , every increase dependability 9, to enterprise of electrified wire netting the likelihood is an index model cost raises, and this kind of price that raises to was not commercialized on one hand serves as reclaim mechanism, be in on the other hand in low pressure matchs net and the side that use phone, had existed on the technology more economic likelihood plan.

4, the competitive challenge of new job condition

Electric power is commercialized trade of natural resources of service, much distributed electric power and the net, flexibility level that raises existing capital fund promotes with assuring capital utilization rate, answer intermittence the sources of energy to regard as base the new requirement such as the challenge of power source of carry on one's shoulder, urge company of electrified wire netting substantially to new digitlization strategy transition.

This kind of digitlization is not the informatization with original company of electrified wire netting, intelligence to change, be in however the transition of pattern of the new business strategy of new competitive level, new business.

The most important is, no matter be Internet of the sources of energy or extensive,be in net of power thing couplet, what enterprise of electrified wire netting is faced with is " posture of wide-open market competition " . No matter be China for, new abstruse, or in A, Baidu, still have mobile operation business, everybody is to running quickly " Internet of the sources of energy is new industry condition " go. And of tradition of industry of electrified wire netting " high investment, heavy asset, rapid growth, severe canal accuses " development mode, cannot suit at all " the meshy flexibility that future digitlizes new job condition to fall organizes zoology " demand.

So I think the meaning of 826 article, it is strict control not just absolutely investment is so simple, however net headquarters level is opposite the country inferior enterprise and whole industry, a when release important signal: Original mode is already unwell used, the net wants the state strategic transition.

Two tasks that wire side faces the nation

To the country for the net, below form of new historical level, new main contradiction, new competitive course of study, must finish two transition job:

One, reduce expenditure, change electrified wire netting develops pattern. "3 forbidden, 2 must not, 2 no longer " , it is the changeover that builds pattern to investment of original electrified wire netting substantially, and I think this is not a temporary expedient, and represented the strategy that net headquarters did not come to the country to think. This thinks is an end that epicycle report changes actually " enterprise of electrified wire netting returns to company property " . The enterprise should seek economic increase namely, is not the not self-conscious part that puts his to the government. Enterprise of electrified wire netting is done not have necessary go after dependability for exceeding, and spend more money, the superintendency that dependability of electrified wire netting needs to satisfy bureau of the sources of energy only asks can.

How be through extensive measure of content couplet technology, promote electrified wire netting the rationality of the program, raise electrified wire netting to have the utilization rate of asset, farther implementation becomes what manage originally to optimize, these are " reduce expenditure " content.

2, open a source, transition digitlizes zoology. I think network company's mainer strategy ponders over the country is " open a source " , if why be defeated by distribution price to drop, below the setting of client prediction of a person's luck in a given year, achieve the growth of new business.

And this kind of logic that grows backside depends on former some no longer " high investment, heavy asset " " curve of the first development " , however a kind " the 2nd curve " grow. This ability is a country the core of strategy of network company transition, reduce the another heavy import of investment, want namely " get on money flower in edge " , how to breed new industrial kinetic energy through all sorts of investment mode, I think ability is job of another strategy degree.

Next graphs are picked from dust the report of Sen Zhe company " be opposite with future mark -- heavy remark of value of Internet of the sources of energy is abroad application is analytic " .

The challenge of power industry catenary and opportunity

Country 826 article of the net, I think to the influence of the industry will be long and far-reaching.

One, 826 article are strategical influence. The individual thinks this file is not provisionality, the principle that file place expresses is a country the net is inside the period of time with quite long future, invest a kind of train of thought that develops with the enterprise to electrified wire netting. By the country place of exterior and macroscopical environment decides network company this.

2, to traditional power industry, the influence of 826 article is tremendous. Long-term since traditional power manufacturing industry is accompanying a country of network company " high investment, heavy asset, rapid growth " and development rises. Mention in the file especially " deficit unit should be first job fortunately with twisting, plan the simple reproduction investment that manages safety to move to be badly in need of with power supply service only, in principle no longer project of new go into operation " , will the goods and materials of electrified wire netting that older rate affects bright the year after next is purchased and capital construction project.

Medium long-term for, the rapid growth phase of electrified wire netting ended almost, the yield that power manufacturing industry configures can appear possibly superfluous, former some collects mode of the product production that is a target, design, sale to also will encounter enormous challenge with collect of electrified wire netting. Same, a large number of lives around capital construction of electrified wire netting projects serve an enterprise to also face a challenge.

3, the opportunity of transition of traditional power industry and challenge. Begin to be in to extensive when enterprise of electrified wire netting transition of content couplet, big data, small electrified wire netting, distributed power source when, around electrified wire netting " the center is changed, asset is changed " the chain of traditional power industry that compose builds, or gets used to this transition, or can give clear situation be washinged out with respect to face about to give birth.

So the individual thinks, the power industry catenary with original already special and intense competition, also will face the opportunity that transition upgrades and challenge. This trend basically is two respects:

1, project and production major, to the service industrial transition upgrades. Get used to enterprise of electrified wire netting namely to " integrated the sources of energy serves " transition trend, sell the product, business that does a project so, future is likely transition is become sell a service, "EaaS, the sources of energy serves namely " (Energy As A Service) will make some kind of trend, for instance the transition strategy of Shi Naide company, locate oneself into EaaS enterprise namely.

2, traditional service line of business, to digitlization transition of service line of business upgrades. Power industry catenary also existed to serve an industry in great quantities in the past, for instance program design service, project serves, move safeguard a service to wait. Company of this kind of traditional service will be faced with extensive to be in the digitlization transition challenge of content couplet times. Be commercialized as electric power and serve specializationed tide, on a batch of new lines + the new digitlization service company below the line will appear, for instance the sources of energy of compositive business, small network runs negative charge part of business of business, intelligent carry dimension, number can serve business, demand to answer service business to wait, traditional project serves an enterprise to need to get used to the concussion that digitlizes tide.

Reform is not easy, transition is more difficult, and row and cherish.

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