New-style film technology can promote water pur

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China store can net dispatch: The scientists of technical institute of British London empire created a kind of new-style film, technology of this kind of new-style film can improve water purify and of batteries store can. Today " natural material " the research achievement paper of the method of new design of ion exchange film that publishs on scientific journal points out, use low cost plastic film, make this film has a lot of little close water bibulous aperture, make thereby at present costlier and the technology that uses actually hard got improvement.

Current ion exchange film turns water with Yu Jing and will but memory of output of second birth energy is in fuel cell and batteries. But, this kind of thin coating is very expensive. Under photograph comparing, film uses low cost polymer extensively in filmy industry already, the salt from inside purify water and contaminant are purified to natural gas using, but the conductivity that these film transmit to ion normally or alternative inadequacy.

Now, the research group of Edinburgh university developed a kind of new ion to transmit velar technology, this technology can reduce batteries in store can mix the cost that purifies water. Technology of simulation of their use computer develops new film, build a kind to call with compose immanent small hole sex (PIM) small hole polymer, change the property that its construction component part differs with coming true. Their invention can be promoted but the use of second birth the sources of energy and memory, increase the supply of drinking water of developing country cleanness.

Participate this research still have many Chinese learned man: Tan Rui (Rui Tan) , Wang Anqi (Anqi Wang) , Zhao Wenbo (Wenbo Zhao) , Liu Tao (Tao Liu) , Xie Chunchun (Chunchun Ye) , Zhou Xiaoqun (Xiaoqun Zhou) , model.

Researcher expresses: "Our design developed the new generation film that is used at a variety of utility, improve living standard already, promote solar energy and wind energy to wait again but the memory of second birth the sources of energy, this will conduce to improvement climate changes. "

This kind of polymer by what have tigidity and screwy sex advocate catenary is made, include among them very tiny " small hole " , these small hole offerred tigidity and orderly channel, element and ion can carry these channels optionally according to its physics size.

Polymer also but dissolve at common dissolvent, because this can become its mould ultrathin film, accelerate ionic transmission rate further thereby. This means new film to be able to be used at needing to be mixed quickly in the extensive separate course with alternative migratory ion and electrochemistry equipment.

To make immanent small hole sex has hydrophily more, researcher introduced a kind of bibulous and luscious group to be passed in order to allow small salt ion, preserve big ion and organic element at the same time.

This research proves, should filter from inside water a small salt is ionic, and when organic element and organic minute contaminant use purify at municipal water treatment, such film is had very tall alternative. This kind of film can be used in the accept filter system of water, and but mass production, think the developing country provides drinking water.

They still have enough particularity, can give lithium ion from the filter in the magnesium in brine, this kind of technology can reduce the demand of pair of costly exploitation lithium, and the main source that lithium is lithium ion batteries.

Researcher thinks: "Perhaps we can get the lithium that can last from inside seawater or briny library now, is not extract in underground, this will be cheaper, more environmental protection, conduce to electric car and large-scale but the development of second birth the sources of energy. "

Batteries stores and changeover is mixed by wind energy solar energy but the energy that renewable resources produces, make a present of enters electrified wire netting and be its building power supply again next. When but when the n of second birth the sources of energy is insufficient, for example in the evening solar battery board when collecting energy, electrified wire netting can receive these batteries.

Current batteries agrees with such large-scale long-term memory, but batteries of current current of city carry out uses costly vanadium salt, vitriolic with ion exchange film, costly and those who restricted current batteries is large-scale application.

Typical current batteries is comprised by two electrolyte canister, these electrolyte are sent to pass by pump secure the film between two electrode. Membrane separation implement the ion that allows to carry charge is transmitted between groove, the across that prevents two kinds of electrolyte at the same time mixes. Mixture meeting brings about the across of material batteries function drops.

Use such new generation immanent technology of small hole sex, researcher designed the low-cost, film that processes easily, this film has clear opening, can let specific ion is passed and prevent other ion to enter. Researcher showed this film using low cost organic oxidation is reductive and active material (for example Kun and ferrous potassium cyanide) organic oxidation reducing solution sheds the application in batteries. Such immanent film of small hole sex has taller member to ferrous prussiate anion alternative, reductive material oxidizes in batteries accordingly " across " rate is low, thereby battery life is longer.

The researcher of department of the first author, chemical engineering, Dr. Tanrui says the thesis: "We are studying extensive batteries chemistry is characteristic, these character can use our new generation ion to transmit film to improve, from ion of solid state lithium batteries spreads cell to low cost fluid. "

These ion are alternative design principle of film is enough and general, can expand industry departs those who issue generation batteries is the film of the process, diaphragmatic (for example sodium and potassium ion batteries) and a lot of other use at energy changeover and memory (include fuel) electrochemistry plant cell and electrochemistry reactor.

The researcher that collective the first author, chemical engineering is the paper, Dr. Wang Anqi says: "The fast ion of film of these new-style and ionic choice is migratory with alternative union, make they have appeal to wide industrial application. "

Next, researcher will magnify the film of this kind of type filters with making in proportion film. They still will cooperate with industrial group, its the product is commercialized, found with power company cooperation tear apart company of type flow cell.

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