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Occupation standard of each the sources of energy changes occupation standard of administration, each the sources of energy to turn technical committee:

Basis " the sources of energy standardizes working scheduling (try out) " , bureau of national energy resources starts what occupation standard of field of 2020 year energy plans to collect the job now, about item the announcement is as follows.

One, declare a principle

(one) advance green development around what the 19 big reports of the party put forward cheek by jowl, push energy production and consumptive revolution, compose builds system of clean safe and low carbon, efficient the sources of energy, and prompt the concerned demand such as development of high quality of the sources of energy, the action propping up that play occupation standard works each mainly to my bureau leads action with what reach pair of burgeoning technology domains, service country " quality power " the strategy, " one belt all the way " build and " go " the strategy.

(2) according to my bureau " interpreter of edition of English of occupation standard of the sources of energy publishs working government measure (try out) " (country can 2016 〕 of 〔 of science and technology 44) requirement, system of each occupation standard constructs field of binding energy source circumstance, declare what abroad project and equipment export the sources of energy to be badly in need of plan of edition of standard foreign language.

(3) occupation standard plans to declare want exert oneself to promote a standard quality, strengthen core standard and research of standard of burgeoning domain technology, progressively and compact conformity optimizes standard of traditional domain technology. The in principle of amount of Chinese standard plan that this each unit declares should not exceed 80% what the Chinese that nearly 3 years this unit declares plans year of average.

(4) encourage declare plan of edition of occupation standard foreign language, strengthen energy field foreign trade, service, contract the research of system of edition of complete standard foreign language that project place requires, project approving of synchronism of standard of edition of the foreign language in advocating, synchronism is made, synchronism is released. In the meantime, the plan of edition of occupation standard foreign language that declare should undertake comparing is opposite study with relevant international standard, the technology asks not under international standard standard.

2, declare key domain

() occupation standard plans

Wait for groovy the sources of energy around coal electricity oil gas mainly, water can, wind energy, solar energy, live thing is simple can, the new energy resources such as ground heat energy and but second birth the sources of energy, nuclear report, coal-bed is shaly gas, angry (colliery gas) wait for special rule oil gas and development of resource of marine oil gas, coal deep treatment and stair are used, store can, hydrogen can, Internet of the sources of energy, electric car charges the project has the level such as energy resources of confluence of report of bank of establishment, shipping, distributed the sources of energy, energy-saving environmental protection, new-style equipment, the army and the people, country declare.

(2) foreign language edition occupation standard plan

The key produces collaboration, can abroad project or service project, outcome around international trade, international credit and help relative standard of project, economy, technology communication undertake declaring external.

3, declare plan requirement

(one) should run mechanism of division of labor and professional field according to existing standard, be proved through sufficient survey, technology and preliminary the plan is declared certainly after choosing.

(2) declare a plan to should assure to be coordinated with existing standard system consistent.

(3) the field that is kept in technical across in the likelihood, before declaring an unit to appear in the newspaper in the plan, answer to be communicated adequately with technical related side talk things over, put an end to across to repeat project approving.

(4) the main unit that draft already should do good standard to weave pre-construction works, ensure to the newspaper is finished to approve inside two years.

4, material newspaper sends reach relevant requirement

(one) the newspaper sends occupation standard plan project material

1. cases formally the newspaper sends relevant material, include occupation standard project to plan summary table (documentation of paper edition, Excel) , assignment certificate of occupation standard project (PDF of Word documentation, affix one's seal) , draft standard stalks of grain (Word documentation) , examine meeting meeting summary and expert to sign watch (PDF of paper edition, affix one's seal) .

In summary table of plan of 2. standard project " suitable scope and main technique content " the main basis that will seek an opinion as sequel.

In assignment certificate of 3. occupation standard project " purpose and reason " in the action propping up that makes clear a standard to plan a project to work to the industry please.

The text of 4. draft standard draft should be enclothed basically " suitable scope and main technique content " involved each point, various child caption plays content of due and corresponding text.

5. standard plans to need classics sign appoint joint hearing is checked after passing, just can declare.

(2) the newspaper sends standard of foreign language edition plan project material

Will formally case the newspaper sends relevant material, include edition of occupation standard English to plan summary table (documentation of paper edition, Excel) reach assignment certificate of occupation standard project (PDF of Word documentation, affix one's seal) .

Clutch about the unit each please the organization is begun declare the job, careful examine and verify reports material, and at material will be being declared before December 17, 2019 (paper edition and electronic edition each one) the newspaper sends my bureau energy conservation and department of equipment of science and technology.

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Accessory: 1. Summary table of plan of occupation standard project

Summary table of plan of edition of 2. occupation standard foreign language

3. assignment certificate of occupation standard project

Edition of 4. occupation standard foreign language project assignment certificate

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