A tribute group develops new analysis technolog

  Industry news     |      2023-02-13 10:22

China store can net dispatch: The intermediary outside occupying reports, group of laboratory of state of American A tribute develops powerful new analysis technology, crystal small structure is explored in three dimensional space, seek data of next generation batteries anode, this action or will complete change are carried and electrified wire netting store can means.

(Graph source: Net of A tribute official)

Researcher comes from 4 branches of A tribute respectively: Science of ray of science of material science department, chemical science and engineering department, data and research department, X is. The Matthew Krogstad of postdoctoral nomination person that material science fastens is in charge of crucial job. The high power X that passes synchrotron center shoots wiring harness to undertake study, it is the main factor that gains a success.

Project of collaboration of this more than 1 course passes new tool, exploration " built-in " the thing that produces in the process. When batteries generates electricity, ion inserts body of positive electrode layer between; It is next " take off embed " process, when batteries charges, extract identical ion from inside positive electrode. Batteries of traditional lithium ion works through this process. Better to search positive electrode stuff, scientists use X ray and electronic diffraction, how do affirmatory lithium ion or other inlet form ordered structure length Cheng. The metal inside anode of block up of this kind of structure moves ionicly, affect metallic ion to extract and be inserted in circular process, reduced batteries performance.

In this project, research group above all preparation embeds the layer shape of sodium ion oxidizes single crystal of vanadium anode material. Sodium reserve is substantial and cost is lower, because this natrium is ionic,batteries is considered as the substitute of lithium ion batteries. Three-dimensional " image " show, sodium ion departs in oxidation vanadium atomic show in the row zigzag. When thermal drop arrives under room temperature, the atom in crystal structure becomes more orderly change. In sodium batteries, ionic meeting diffuses along these zigzag passageways. Does the Raymond Osborn explanation that science of A tribute material fastens say: ? Guang of  of Xi of sauce of Ji of detain of jab of the Feng that boil Xie embraces that ㄒ slope to show slope of ㄒ of care of Guang of @ of the to fold that carry reef on the back to try herd of  of  of reef Lu  to fasten deceive of the male glue that read Mo! ?

Does Rosenkranz express: ? Cling to the shift that tip of Yi Jiang of  of Zheng of ⑾ of ┓ of ü  Wu jumps over? of travel of  of Guo of illicit of  hesitating agitate how to restrict sodium ion without foreword change. Researcher also can evaluate politic effectiveness through measuring an outcome, in order to reduce undesirable effect, improve positive electrode performance. Our research is centered on material of anode of sodium ion batteries, but, these methods also apply to research material of other and numerous crystal. "

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