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On December 1, exhibition of car of international of the seventeenth Guangzhou (next weighing " Guangzhou car is exhibited " ) fall next heavy curtain. Low confused car market and the place that show cold and cheerless slightly, wrote down the annotate of years of car look forward to is whole military successes.

All the time since, guangzhou car exhibits be heavy pound model to collect the ground. The battle that is apart from the end of the year to receive an official only remnant the time of a month, each car look forward to also hopes car of Guangzhou of have the aid of exhibits sprint end of the year target.

Have to the market rate again and again the own brand of fall, the desire of impulse of the end of the year especially pressing. The data that association of Chinese auto industry releases shows, in October 2019, own brand sales volume is 770 thousand about, glide compared to the same period 9.6% . Before this year 10 months, own brand sales volume is 6.672 million about, glide compared to the same period 17.5% , fall a market of prep above whole, market share respect, own brand is more successive 15 months drop compared to the same period, in will multiplying the market that use a car to sell gross this year in October, occupy come than falling 39.9% .

"The competitor of Chinese brand future is not own brand itself, however joint-stock brand. Mix independently joint-stock it is to have one fight surely, this has not hidden. So we begin now attempt and joint-stock the competition of straight face. " between Guangzhou car exhibition period, zhu Huarong of Chang'an car president accepts 21 centuries economy to report when to the reporter is interviewed, express.

Own brand " photograph of all living creatures "

In have " vane of Chinese car market " the Guangzhou car of the meaning is exhibited on, the every act of car look forward to makes the central point that the industry pays close attention to, also going up somehow mirrorred its to did not expand position. And current Guangzhou car exhibits the portraiture that also becomes polarization of own brand car.

Among them, view send, the car exhibits the absent of car look forward to such as numerous peaceful, Li Fan, Hua Tai. In a year of in the past, sales volume of these car look forward to glide considerably, was immersed in reduction of output, back pay is bankrupt hearsay even.

According to the data of association of Chinese auto industry, include bavin of numerous peaceful, Hua Tai, Wei (Chongqing) , the own brand that waits inside multiplies specific speed of Sichuan bronco, Chongqing, Li Fan to be with car look forward to before this year the sales volume expression of 3 quarters owes beautiful, cause banner inferior card and product to moving toward the brim stage by stage. The accumulative total sales volume of before these brands 3 quarters glides to be in compared to the same period 30 % above, some is close to 80 % even. Sell the weak force brand with gauge not old standard originally, in whole of this round of market in gliding, appear more extremely delicate, the accumulative total sales volume of before look forward to of car of a few own brands 3 quarters is not worth 10 thousand even.

Below the circumstance that tastes inadequacy insecurity of catenary of fatigued and weak, capital, newly in sales volume, they choose not to attend a car to exhibit, also be a kind of kind that reduces cost. But on the other hand, wait for the one second line that is a delegate with steam of the Great Wall, auspicious, north, strange luck car look forward to advances triumphantly, in succession product of layout high end, the hope borrows a brand to break market structure up, obtain new increment.

And this backside is own brand market what spend centrally is fast rise. A data that Mai Ken stannum provided recently shows, the concentration of Chinese own brand spends change nearly 3 years to come very apparent, brand of own brand head (8) the market is spent centrally was 2016 64% , and arrived before 2019 5 months, this is occupied turn into 79% , weak point 15 percent rose inside 3 years.

Such circumstance is adumbrative also, of own brand " head effect " becoming more and more apparent, in market competition of future, besides brand of a few head, more brands or will be faced with be fallen into disuse to give the destiny of the bureau.

"So the market can appear Matthew effect, overmatch is stronger, the weak is weaker. We had seen this year, did not come 35 years car look forward to ' close to stop and turn ' not be news, the enterprise that I think future closes down 3 years may more. Will form a benign state instead. " Zhu Huarong expresses, "City of next year car still has pressure, but also let whole industry return to benign competitive condition, return the market truly oriented, client the product is oriented, oriented. "

Below the heavy pressure that bearing integral sales volume and portion to glide in a group of people of same interest of car of whole and own brand, bright polarization also brings light and hope for the future of own brand it seems that.

Industry of current and whole automobile has entered deepness structural adjustment period, car look forward to also passes own brand to be accumulated for years, mix in force of product competition ability, brand fight press ability to went up to have progress. Although whole glides, but accompanying superior bad discard and structural adjustment, a few own brands seek a change in adversity, show itself.

Own brand " argue advanced position "

Face the market to shuffle and SUV growth bonus disappears, the current situation that market of new energy resources drops in temperature, wait for the line of just a little that is a delegate with steam of the Great Wall, auspicious, Chang'an, north, strange luck car look forward to is collective " argue advanced position " , in succession product of layout high end, the hope borrows a brand to break market structure up, obtain new increment.

Look in Zhu Huarong, own brand develops up is inevitable trend, own brand " turn over " the opportunity also exists forever. "Chinese car market is short-term inside have difficulty, this and big environment, great topological features is concerned, but from in the long run, chinese car market is the size is very enormous, I still hold to 35 million - the existence of 40 million capacity new car. "

In fact, be in early own 2014 brand is new the way that round high end changes already began. Pass Qi GA6 from Ha Fu H9, wide steam, arrive again auspicious Bo Rui, look forward to of own brand car rolls out high-end model to march by the market that use a car to high end in succession.

Besides roll out model of admiral of the high end below the banner, auspicious return with the Great Wall " start all over again " , made subordinate and brand-new high-end brand. And the LYNK that appears at the same time almost&CO and WEY also change own brand high end push to a climax.

Exhibit in the Guangzhou car that just rings down the curtain on, WEY of brand of the high end below division of Great Wall car mixes motor-car VV7 PHEV and VV7GT PHEV global head hair appears on the market, fixed position admiral is luxurious at the same time of SUV brand-new notional car WEY-X already also appeared. Strange luck car holds to the course that high end changes, TX/TXL of EXEED star road is new paragraph model is exhibited in current Guangzhou car appear on the market. And auspicious car respect, integral model technicalization, high end changes development this year the trend is clear, roll out geometrical A, star to wait for a product more in succession; Brand of the high end below the banner gets a gram to also pass brand of brand construction, aggrandizement to differ dissimilation and consumer experience to resist the competition of joint-stock brand.

Boreal steam is high-key the new strategy that promulgated ARCFOX of brand of the high end below the banner. "Manufacturer of main now car is in carry out ' product up ' , ' brand up ' the strategy, from the point of product structure, arrive from high end low end, medium end has involve, just different product is combined, of course whole develops toward high end is industry trend. " row of copy of vice secretary of Party committee of boreal steam new energy resources, general manager horse tells a reporter, "The effect that boreal steam develops up is very successful, the model of above of the high end in this year, occupy than been achieve 80% . "

Although the brand is regarded as by look forward to of own brand car all the time up before the direction of travel, but undeniable, in the market " cold current " in, next defeat of integral market, next explore of joint-stock brand, set certain obstacle and instruction to the high end of own brand is changed and walk along virtually up. A few advocate hit high end course, direct the own brand model of product of joint-stock to mark brand, gliding in what encounter sales volume. Be expected higher inside course of study, almost contemporaneity is born get gram and WEY brand of two old own high end, also began times feeling pressure 2019 tremendous.

"The demand that the group restrains to getting, core is brand health grows, be in joint-stock when next explore, can withstand pressure, have winning a stratagem which ensures success. " Lin Jie of general manager of limited company of sale of the vice president of auspicious automobile group, car that get a gram expresses, "2019, get a gram to regard first goal as brand construction, reduced goal of the sales volume that get a gram actively. "

And data shows, 2019 1-10 month, get gram total sales volume to be one hundred and three thousand one hundred only, compared to the same period small add 0.8% ; And WEY brand also must depreciate maintain share.

In fact, the adjustment that gets a gram from 2018 second half of the year already began, pay attention to terminal more the health of retail channel, control stock, adjust sale pattern, final year fixed position is in " sale " on, number of sales volume of and rather than.

To the high-end product of own brand, although sales volume is not the only level that measures high end to turn success or failure, but scope is too little delicate in health that means brand power.

"Baoding deal has an adage: ' would rather work to also cannot sit to wait ' , capital market should more respect this kind of view, yield benefit I am living still, the market that does not allow benefit to lose is taken harder. " in president of Great Wall car Wei Jianjun looks, chinese car company lacks high-end method, but walking along high end also is the choice that own brand does not have method.

Inside course of study the personage looks, car city big environment not beautiful, to high quality development makes a trend, support is cheap the product sits the period that enjoys market extra dividend has ended, the key that own brand high end changes is the dominant position that finds industry of base oneself upon.

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