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The end of the year 2019 is very uneasy. Brand collective is fastened in the law such as Reynolds, Xue Tielong after car of absent and current Guangzhou is exhibited, car market puts the jungly law that measures the law of jungle below competition to expose sturdy and thoroughly: Shuffle came, no matter be own car look forward to or joint-stock car look forward to, those who be faced with is likewise intense battle.

Look from data, the expression of joint-stock brand does not consider the mainstream poor, before this year 10 months, integral market share is 51.5% , two years with the past photograph comparing has subtle promotion even, but relatively the growth of Yu Haohua brand, the expression of joint-stock brand has the main aspect some be like person meaning very much.

Below the setting that spends promotion centrally in integral market, the competitive pattern of joint-stock brand interior also presents the main trend an acuteness change, on one hand the difference between car look forward to is pulled big, include Yue of Ford of east wind Reynolds, Chang'an, east wind to amount to case inferior inside joint-stock brand encountered second line come dark hour, on the other hand, original " 3 powerful tripartite balance of forces " pattern also got pound, although expression of German masses whole is online still, but popular of north and south is discharged had produced apparent change, go up steam is general face test in product switch cycle.

During this Guangzhou car is exhibited, the pressure below the market that put an amount spoke of in the process that many controller of joint-stock car look forward to is communicating with media, also say frankly the double converging attack that current and joint-stock brand still is facing the explore below luxurious brand and own brand to rise, how to break through a tight encirclement below such setting, achieve established goal, test is worn each strategy of old brand is made with executive ability.

Fission of pattern of 3 powerful tripartite balance of forces

The mainstream is joint-stock car look forward to is Chinese car city's most fundamental strength, all the year round market share is in 50% the left and right sides, and masses of north and south and go up steam is general also be the car look forward to of before sales volume of Chinese car market 3 all the time. Nevertheless, since this year, they present a different development state.

In light of the index with integrated sales volume, one steam - before the masses 10 months sell 1.638 million, grow 1.9% compared to the same period, steam masses is mixed on on sales volume of current accumulative total is steam respectively 1.55 million, 1.23 million, reduce respectively compared to the same period 5.7% , 13.4% .

Reporter of report of 21 centuries economy ever had paid close attention to the fluctuant circumstance of champion of Chinese market sales volume before this, this year first half of the year, continued basically in integral car market the declining tendency since second half of the year fell last year, sales volume champion of home already from on steam masses becomes one steam - the masses. It is before this, steam masses has been in for years continuously on home market sales volume is most.

Nevertheless, popular whole performance is relatively good, beautiful department is joint-stock the steam on car look forward to is general the challenge that face is bigger, current this year till of more than 10% glide speed not only abdicate Yu Jing contends for adversary, also run was defeated by grail.

The pattern of 3 powerful tripartite balance of forces has produced fission. With in the current phase that the masses of the quadrature in compasses and old horse lose hoof is compared, day fastens brand and joint ventures to show the reserve strength that gives the growth that go against city. Produce with east wind day for exemple, its sales volume of accumulative total of before this year 10 months achieves 1.02 million, still put forward to enter " joint-stock before 3 " target.

In accepting what 21 centuries economy reports a reporter to interview, wang Yongqing of general general manager does not have steam on evasive these pressure. He expresses, sales volume glides to have integral car city on one hand fatigued and weak wait for a reason, on the other hand this year also is to go up the product with current steam is adjusted year, a lot of products begin switch first half of the year this year, this is affected somewhat for certain to sales volume.

This year is to go up the product good year with current steam, the brand such as gram, Xue Folan, Kaidilake was fastened to all roll out much money product below current standard, this Guangzhou car is exhibited was to bring 41 models more. Wang Yongqing expresses, next year first half of the year, finish basically as new product position, on the product competition ability with current steam will increase greatly.

What need points out is, the successor also is not without pressure, concussion " joint-stock before 3 " east wind day is produced, maintain very hard also grow continuously. Between Guangzhou car exhibition period, east wind day produces Chen Hao of vise general manager to say frankly when accepting media to interview, certain to existence of market situation change " miscarriage of justice " , the market that second half of the year ever expected before this goes situation can invert, but reality is however, the negative growth of automobile industry still will not stop in October to this year drop.

Does market opportunity where?

Consensus has been formed inside course of study, chinese car market is after the increment development that experienced a few years, this a few annual meeting enter the competition of the market that put an amount. To joint-stock brand, to going up, luxurious brand has certain tendency playing detective on the price; To falling, own brand is on the product open high end turns an attempt. General motors vise general manager uses steam on great says frankly, joint-stock brand has a bit can be caught up with carelessly, this is very actual condition.

He introduces, on the focus with general and current steam basically is in two, it is traditional product adjusts a structure quickly, comb the demand such as client experience afresh in sale end, be generalized with a word even if " all business return to origin, set out afresh " , 2 it is to catch future, pass " Shuang Qing " politic, investment drives automatically, the domain such as car couplet net, but the result of these effort is not one day can see, still need a few time.

Below current market environment, the strategy that new car product puts in and rhythm particularly crucial. Peng Bo of partner of director of whole world of Mai Ken stannum points out, to car look forward to, have a few factors in the market the negative effect that date of departure cannot see its are apparent, but in market of be issued to lower levels, if do not try to take seriously, sequential meeting is shown immediately, among them very important is management strategy.

"Leave quotations field, allow the new product of a no less than extensive to put in. " Peng Bo thinks, "If the new product of car look forward to puts in,time is mixed it is good to put in rhythm to did not hold, the competition ability of new perhaps product was not sure good, the price strategy of new even product was not balanced fine, car look forward to slips very easily hazardous condition. "

As more and young consumption the group enters car market, include masses of north and south, on steam is general inside joint-stock car look forward to the brand young change as main sell one of sites, for example, the Xue Folan below current standard rolled out Redline in recent years still product of · red series, in the infuse in brand gene young, motion is changed wait for an element; And exhibit in this Guangzhou car on, the masses exhibits a stage is the style that decorated dazzle of a kind of young, cruel more, in order to get used to an user " young change " trend.

But young change and do not mean " the doorsill is low " , in fact, the Si Ke below steam people standard is amounted to on brand and one steam - the victory that the people goes newly independently amounted to a brand to encounter a challenge below the market environment this year, xue Folan is in transition " labor pains " in, but after be evaluated to the market, xue Folan surpassed Europe to exit the fractionize market of the place actively.

Amount to a brand to Si Ke, steam masses car sells Gu Mingdi of limited company general manager to point out when car exhibition period suffers media to interview secondhand on, si Ke is amounted to behave in Chinese market not the many sided element such as beautiful and brand acknowledge, cost is concerned, the company had made Si Ke amount to now revive plan, want to comb brand fixed position and target crowd afresh already, also built special group to undertake the product studies. Regard popular introduction class as the brand, this while Kodak is considering cost, also can pay close attention to the problem of product characteristic.

This one trend of joint-stock brand and integral market are consistent, last year since second half of the year, luxurious brand is the fractionize domain that goes against city growth exclusively in car city, this one trend still was not changed this year. Data of the meeting that multiply couplet shows, with starting the market coachs valence differentiates, before this year 10 months, the high end of 300 thousand above takes the accumulative total that use a car integrated sales volume 1.248 million, grow 7.4% compared to the same period, and be less than of 300 thousand by the accumulative total that use a car integrated sales volume fifteen million three hundred and seventy-eight thousand, reduce compared to the same period 9.4% .

Be worth what carry is, change to direct with policy as automobile industry, the electrification layout of joint-stock car look forward to also is being quickened, future whether the rising market of car of new energy resources of race to control, also will become the crucial factor that joint-stock car look forward to moves toward.

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