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Battery Type:LiFePO4

Nominal Battery Energy:125-304 kWh

Nominal Capacity:280 Ah

Nominal Voltage/Pack:64V

Net Weight:Approx.1030-1730 kg

Working Temp. Range:0-50 deg C

Designed Life-span:8000 Cycles

Power Mega Series

Large & Grid-scale Energy Storage

Batterystoragehome provides an extensive array of storage solutions that are ready to use for a variety of applications. They utilize our LFP battery technology, which is renowned for its safety and efficiency.

The Power Mega Series is suited to:

10+ MWh ESS solution for PV/Wind power plants

Off-grid energy storage (e.g. islands)

Micro-grid applications

Frequency Regulation

In today’s world, the importance of electrifying homes, businesses, and society have grown considerably. Batterystoragehome sees itself as a network architect and solution provider rather than a manufacturer.

We have prioritized the formation of innovative alliances and the establishment of systems and networks that enable all components to operate in concert.

ModelPower Mega Series
Battery Type
Nominal Battery Energy
125-304 kWh
Nominal Capacity
280 Ah
Nominal Voltage/Pack
Working Voltage Range125 kWh 392-504V
232 kWh 728-936V
143 kWh 448-576V
250 kWh 784-1008V
161 kWh 504-648V
268 kWh 840-1080V
179 kWh 560-720V
286 kWh 896-1152V
196 kWh 616-792V
304 kWh 952-1224V
214 kWh 672-864V

Nominal Current140 Ah (0.5 C)/280 Ah (1C)
Max Continuous Current280 Ah (1C)
Net WeightApprox.1030-1730 kg
Approx.1870-2430 kg
Dimension[W*D*H]2300*1200*1000 mm
Working Temp. Range0-50 deg C
Designed Life-span8000 Cycles
Protection LevelIP20
CommunicationCAN/RS485/RS232/ETH/Dry Contact
CertificateTUV/IEC 62619/CE-IEC 61000/IEC 62477
UL 1973/UL 9540A/UN38.3
Calendar Life15 Years