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Place of Origin:Guangdong, China

Model Number:Power Swift Series

Nominal Battery Energy:25-50 kWh

Nominal Capacity:100 Ah

Nominal Voltage/Pack:51.2 V

Nominal Current(Recommended):50 A(0.5 C)

Dimension [W*D*H]:550*580*1400 mm

Power Swift Series

High-Power, Modular Battery Pack
Our Power Swift Series offers a Safe and Adaptable LFP battery alternative. The battery pack has a classic look (3U in height) and is compatible with parallel battery configurations.

The Power Swift Series is suitable for a range of application scenarios, such as:

PV/Wind power plant storage

Off-grid energy storage

Micro-grid applications

UPS power supply

ModelPower Swift Series
Battery Type
Nominal Battery Energy
25-50 kWh
Nominal Capacity
100 Ah
Nominal Voltage/Pack
51.2 V
Working Voltage Range25 kWh 240-288 V
40 kWh 384-460 V
30 kWh 288-345 V
45 kWh 432-518 V
35 kWh 336-403 V
50 kWh 480-576 V
Nominal Current(Recommended)
50 A(0.5 C)
Max Continuous
Discharging Current (Cell)

100 A(1C)
Net WeightApprox. 255-345 kg
Approx. 390-480 kg
Dimension [W*D*H]550*580*1400 mm
550*580*1800 mm
Working Temp. Range
0-50 deg C
Designed Life-span
6000 Cycles
Protection Level
CAN/RS485/RS232/ETH/Dry Contact
Certificate (Cell Level)
TUV/IEC 62619/CE-IEC 61000/UN38.3
Calendar Life
10 Years

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