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  Industry news     |      2022-12-19 14:23 energy storage company

Oil and company of card of carapace of natural gas tycoon continue to march clean energy field. A of company and Oman large-scale harbor and free area are building several in collaboration distributed generate electricity solar energy project in order to replace natural gas, for local industry power supply.

SOHAR haven and free area and Shell Development Oman signed 600 hectare land to rent an agreement, these land will be used at building the power station of solar energy of industry and commerce of 10-40MW. Project of first 25MW smooth hot season will be used at be power supply of smelt company Al Tamman Indsil Ferrochrome LLC directly.

Oman is country of large chromite exit. SOHAR is a when manage by Sohar Industrial Port Company(SIPC) deep-sea haven and free area, SIPC is by Lu Tedan harbor and Oman Sudan country according to 50:5The joint ventures that 0 scale establish.

Presiding apparitor Mark Geilenkirchen represents Sohar haven and free district: "Can developing continuously is one of core viewpoint of value that we drive SOHAR to develop, with housing the collaboration of the card will bring solution of first solar energy of domestic. This also is indicating a mysterious milepost, it is us the first pace of long-term and active program, this program that we had begun to carry out can transform 4500 hectare developing zone for ' green freedom area ' . We hope, instantly carries out change can encourage existing client and prospective investor to will use cleaner technology and the method that can last henceforth. "

Complement of Chris Breeze of Chairman Shell Oman expresses: "Projects of these solar energy smooth hot season will release natural gas resource with better use at economy, support the green agenda of Sohar free area, through solving a lock good luck of large solar energy promotes Sohar economy to develop further. "

The activity with housing the closest card includes to buy Germany store can the rechristen of supplier First Utility that company Sonnen will face consumer is Shell Energy. Housing card is returned will its are all British door used report to change direction with the client 100% but second birth the sources of energy.

This year March, oman water and electricity purchases a company to announce, a financial group that takes the lead by Saudi Arabia ACWA Power won the bid project of 500MW solar energy.

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