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China store can net dispatch: Current store can the industry is in growing period, store can although collect is numerous advantage at a suit, be in awkward condition because of cost of high specified number however, the project throws cycle of tall, accrual to grow first, consequently a lot of enterprises expect the industry of smooth hot season that has marched toward autumn to be able to help strength store can develop. As many as abroad store the mode photograph of project and application of diversity of power station of smooth hot season, can multiple accrual is compared, our country smooth hot season store can the project still sets an example with the technology for the most part give priority to.

Up to by 2018, the smooth hot season that CNESA statistic China already joined movement store can dimensions of machine of outfit of project accumulative total achieves 259.6MW, occupy China store 25.7% what can cast carry project total scope. The light 2018 store project scope photograph grew 41.4% than 2017.

Data origin: ZhongGuanCun store can industrial technology alliance (CNESA)

As we have learned, with Yellow River water and electricity, Lu Neng group, assist the new energy company that joins new energy resources to head optimizes a trend in structure of national energy resources next is opposite store can project layout, be opposite at the same time store the value that can bring for power station of smooth hot season is agreed with further, it is then in power station of smooth hot season deploy store can the strength of the project increases.

This year in March, group of Shanghai electric power station and China report Xinjiang generate electricity branch of limited company new energy resources signed 100MWh in Xinjiang Urumqi store can cooperate framework agreement, at the same time haing thick hair changes Xinjiang appoint the means that made clear n of demonstrative project of sum disappear accept, power station of combination of Chu Nengfeng report of first phase 20MWh increases electricenergy production every year 150 million KWh, other n trades through commercializing means is solved.

In the Chu Nenglang that was a delegate with side of electrified wire netting 2018 current drive falls, store can opportunity has come, can foreknow, as policy layer upon layer advance, china store can market trade pattern already matured gradually, and the energy company that has stronger financial capacity, industry business will become main item to develop business.

In the meantime, looked from home 2018 to the policy that issues at the beginning of 2019, to light store applied propulsion, the local class policy that still includes the area such as province and the northwest such as province of Xinjiang, Hefei to release.

Data origin: ZhongGuanCun store can industrial technology alliance (CNESA)

Policy already became Xinjiang light store develop the first thrust

It is reported, up to by December 2018, net of couplet of Xinjiang electrified wire netting moves generate electricity outfit aircraft total capacity is eighty-five million five hundred and thirty-five thousand kilowatt. Among them smooth hot season generates electricity installed capacity 9.516 million kilowatt, equipment uses hour of number on average to be 1337 hours, the rate that abandon light is 15.5% , and Na Jiang overcomes a city to abandon smooth rate to be in 2018 is to be as high as 30.3% more.

Reserve to enhance Xinjiang power system to move a peak capacity, promote offer of disappear of new energy resources, after asking for an opinion to stalk of grain through two, municipal hair changes Xinjiang appoint print and distribute " about be in complete border begin generate electricity side store can the announcement with power station pilot construction " . The light of Xinjiang municipality store policy, in June 2019 the last ten-day of a month comes on stage formally.

This policy is home is aimed at first times generate electricity side store can and the file of how-to sex policy that make, "Announcement " put forward store can power station in principle according to installed capacity of power station of smooth hot season 15% undertake configuration, smooth hot season store can run 350MW of pilot project scope jointly, store can when grow not to configure computation under 2 hours, ask to be before October 31 and the net joins movement, this is meant it is equipment business only, provided a big market of 1 billion yuan of above.

Power station of smooth hot season is in configuration store can later, can increase plan n 100 hours, theoretic can be power station of smooth hot season of a 100MW to add addend every year 1 million yuan of battalion close. According to store can 100 people report, xinjiang is smooth store policy is used likely charge allowance 0.4 yuan / kilowatt hour, discharge gets online according to smooth hot season the double price system of electrovalency. If this policy can embark on a journey, will shorten greatly undoubtedly invest redound period.

In addition, xinjiang height takes seriously store can equip production industry grows. Already released at present " about encouraging store can equip production company comes border investment builds development store can industrial announcement " .

Mention in the announcement, the government will join actively store can equip production enterprise arrives border investment construction, xinjiang whole area begins store can the project is pilot will preferential to the municipality store can equip production enterprise tilts. Meanwhile Xinjiang will weave store can develop a program, the project that did not bring into a program must not put on record. Future, gansu Province also the smooth hot season of hopeful reference Xinjiang store can policy.

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