12.6MW/26.8MWh! New harbor of door of Hubei chaste tree store can power transmission of put into production of power station first phase project

  Industry news     |      2023-02-02 16:51

China store can net dispatch: On December 31, 2022, hubei net of first large compose store can power station -- new harbor of door of Hubei chaste tree store can power transmission of success of power station project, and the net moves. This store can the flexibility of the capability of accept of disappear of new energy resources that power transmission of power station put into production will promote Hubei area electrified wire netting significantly and power system and security.

The 220 kilovolt that are located in foreign county of sand of chaste tree retail sales are long forest transformer substation amounts to 334 million to cover with tiles for the installed capacity such as Ou Guangfu, high proportion new energy resources moves peak ability and safe stability to move to electrified wire netting bring a challenge. To drive area new-style power system is built, net Hubei saves the country power limited company is pilot battery of lithium of iron of phosphoric acid of side of construction electrified wire netting store can power station project -- Jing Men new harbor store can power station. The project is located in sand of chaste tree retail sales highway of new harbor of area of garden of foreign county industry and industry are handed in 12 times collect place, total capacity 50 million are made of baked clay / 100 million watt-hour, among them first phase put into production 12.6 million are made of baked clay / 26.8 million watt-hour.

New harbor store can stand as compose net model store can stand demonstrative project of go ahead of the rest, design and the net detects device, have native place control of quantity, damp, frequency modulation, big disturb the test function such as character, configure 16 store can converter (PCS) machine of step up an organic whole, have 1.5 times / the transient overload ability of 10S, through deploy large store can stand to run control strategy independently, can prop up electrified wire netting independently, realize side of pair of electrified wire netting store can of short duration - control of stable state combination and adjust independently, promote area the stability of electrified wire netting.

Store can after power station total capacity joins movement, will sufficient play " energy sponge " action, charge through trough period of time, discharge of height period of time, everyday highest can offer n of wrong peak of watt-hour of about 100 million, great alleviate pressure of power supply of the transformer substation between the fastigium that use phone, ensure for be being added again to greet a peak to spend wintry electric power to protect. Store can the power station still can participate in power demand to answer, offer more reliable power source to prop up for business of circumjacent garden division and share type store can serve, use for science of garden of course of study of chemical industry of low carbon number can, fall management of power source of this synergism, lash-up offers new solution.

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