Changsha batteries store can achievement of demonstrative application of project of power station first phase and accrual

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China store can net dispatch: 1.1 projects general situation

Changsha batteries store can demonstrative project of power station first phase, amount of earlier total investment is 331 million yuan, by the country investment of limited company of integrated energy service builds net Hunan. Total dimensions is 60 thousand kilowatt / 120 thousand kilowatt hour, be in respectively 220kV Lang pear, delay farming, the clearing inside lotus transformer substation is built store can stand, dimensions is ordinal for 24 thousand kilowatt / 48 thousand kilowatt hour, 10 thousand kilowatt / 20 thousand kilowatt hour, 26 thousand kilowatt / 52 thousand kilowatt hour, cover an area of an area to be respectively 5784, 2825, 2645 square metre. Project on October 18, 2018 start working is built, move at official in March 2019 investment, unified bring into attemper plan canal accuses.

1.2 projects innovate

1, construction mode innovates. Use device of batteries cabin whole set to hire business affairs pattern first, introduce social capital to participate in side of electrified wire netting store can build, elevate batteries supplier master consciousness, optimize control batteries outgoing quality; Adopt with main facility batteries (contain BMS) , 3 systems that PCS, EMS gives priority to are compositive mode of business invite public bidding, promoted coordinate between equipment cooperate to be controlled with quality.

2, support many setting application. With " low store Gao Fang " means participates in Changsha electrified wire netting to move a peak daily, stablize peak value of bear of Changsha area midday, late double height; Get used to new energy resources to exert oneself not to match character with bear, wrong peak Chu Fang, promote offer of disappear of new energy resources; Have millisecond class to answer attemper instruction ability, participate in electrified wire netting frequency modulation and pressure regulating control; Below emergency, offer power to prop up quickly, increase stability of transient of electrified wire netting; Bring into source net to carry on one's shoulder or back store centralized management, implementation store can stand source - carry on one's shoulder is changed quickly, increase safety of electrified wire netting to stabilize abundant to spend.

3, the safety precaution innovates. Batteries noumenon respect, batteries chooses security relative to battery of taller lithium of phosphoric acid iron, inside batteries bunch, batteries is reached to pile protection of setting multistage fusing between bunch, have breakdown model group to cut off ability oneself. Fire early-warning respect, use much condition to feel terminal to sentence batteries condition beforehand ahead of schedule, increase fire early-warning capacity. Work station safety side, 3 stations all used extinguishing system of fire control of 7 fluorine propane, lotus store can stand to still use indoor water gush to drench first drop in temperature measure of double fire control. Carry dimension respect, through Chu Nengyun platform begins data of facility status, environment reveal with the analysis, consistency of assessment of implementation moving state, batteries is analysed and classification beforehand (accuse) alarm etc, raise moving security and intelligence to change carry dimension standard.

4, side of electrified wire netting first completely indoor batteries store can stand. Lotus store can stand to use steel structure three-layer to be decorated in doors completely first for side of electrified wire netting, dimensions of configuration batteries size is home the biggest, unit power covers an area of an area to be home the smallest, dimensional utilization rate is high, facilitating equipment centers carry dimension, restrained effectively store can the enlarge outside the noise of converter. Added water gush to drench fire control drops in temperature at the same time system, promoted fire prevention of batteries room partition grade, be helpful for limitting accident scope, to be in urban core area is built store can stand undertake beneficial exploration.

5, promotion of whole of power station function. Communicate side through PCS straight and technology, use double winding step-up transformer, make an appointment with the loss of 8% than be the same as transformer of capacity double dissension to be able to be reduced; Equipment of sufficient mining PCS does not have work shift energy-saving force, cancel SVG equipment, save investment; Complete station uses double machine double network redundant framework, unified use IEC61850 communication stipulations of an agreement, attemper the instruction answers rate actual measurement completely to be 500 millisecond; Configuration source net carries on his shoulder or back terminal unit, through accusing firmly advocate the station is controlled directly, implementation accuses firmly to dictate to be answered completely inside 200 millisecond.

6, huge data essence identifies an analysis to deal with definitely. Changsha batteries store can set an example the station runs data bulk big, type is much, dig a technology through big data, inter block of the cell in collecting moving data is highest / the key such as lowermost temperature, voltage, SOC and fault signal advocate send to adjusting control on information, reduce tone to spend the transmission pressure of data network considerably; Pass margin calculation, after to huge data implementation is located in manage, upload to cloud platform, implementation centers dimension of carry of monitoring, intelligence, unusual battery remotely the function such as monomer identifying.

1.3 projects achievement

1, fill of first phase demonstrative project I save batteries store can the blank of the power station, promoted cell store can industrial development, also promoted batteries government at the same time system, store can the power station changes electric current implement, power station system is compositive the development that waits for relevant enterprise and progress.

2, first phase demonstrative project is a standard store can the system receives stability of security of electrified wire netting to move, drive store can stand construction and check and accept technical maturity to change had example effect, relied on this project to weave in succession " batteries store can stand equipment complete checks and accept detailed rules and spot current moving rules " , " batteries of side of electrified wire netting store can stand moving regulations " wait for standard of multinomial industry technology, for store can occupation standard system provided technical support, coached electric field of wind of hill of big spirit of follow-up West Hunan store can the side of new energy resources such as the power station store can the construction of the power station.

1.4 projects advantage

1, Hunan Changsha batteries store can since the power station joins movement oneself, stable already run time more than one year, up to on November 20, 2020, accumulative total in accept of disappear of trough bear period of time I save n of new energy resources seventy-eight million and fifteen thousand two hundred kilowatt hour.

2, take no account of configuration store can when, predict to visited abundant water completely 2020 year / smooth water year new energy resources abandons n to be 26.7/18.9 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two watt-hour. Emulate computational result according to producing moving imitate, every configure 1 kilowatt hour store can the new energy resources that device can reduce 400 kilowatt hour every year for the system abandons n, 2020 Changsha batteries store can demonstrative project of power station first phase can reduce complete province new energy resources to abandon n 48 million kilowatt hour.

3, up to now, with demonstrative project of Changsha first phase 3 store can the power station is a foundation, generate electricity with 6 new energy resources the enterprise signs form a complete set of 60 thousand kilowatt in all store can hire a service, those who be 6 wind electric field is seasonable and the net provided safeguard.

1.5 projects benefit

1, first phase demonstrative project can form economic benefits every year for the company 39.6 million yuan, among them peak cereal electrovalency needs income 18 million yuan, "New energy resources abandons accept of the wind, disappear that abandon light to serve " relevant income makes an appointment with 15.6 million yuan, "Electric power assists a service " allowance makes an appointment with 6 million yuan.

2, first phase demonstrative project is in the estivate that greet a peak, during spending a winter, wait with report in short supply period of time can offer effective electric power to prop up, great alleviate electric power supplies ability to be not worth a problem, can alleviate effectively everyday 60 thousand dwellers use electric insecurity issue, ensure circumjacent 8-10 the village is stabilized with report reliable.

3, first phase demonstrative project exerts oneself in group of igneous electric machinery charge during trough, can increase trough period aircrew to exert oneself, reduce group of igneous electric machinery to move peak deepness, reduce coal consumption of unit unit n effectively. Changsha batteries store can set an example the station can reduce carbon dioxide effectively every year to discharge 16 thousand tons, reduce 2 oxidation sulfur to discharge 480 tons, promote effectively energy-saving decrease a platoon.

4, since the project joins movement oneself, the enterprise that comes round to inspect study covers integrated the sources of energy, new energy resources to generate electricity, electrified wire netting, batteries and equipment are made wait for each industry, very good demonstrative effect had in home.

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