Store can notional board piece go up situation thick 9 concepts share price achieves the history new tall

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China store can net dispatch: The near future, store can board piece receive interest good news. On July 10, in forum of high end of Chinese the sources of energy -- on Chu Nengan complete symposium, science and technology of bureau of national energy resources manages store can with can effect place expresses about chief, will weave " about accelerating new-style store the directive opinion that can develop " " " 945 " new-style store can develop a program " " new-style store can project management is normative " wait for many policy document, advance continuously at the same time pilot set an example, accelerate the education that promotes occupation standard to chemical industry is made and accelerate industry person with ability.

Analytic personage thinks generally, as new-style store can develop policy to intensifying making, store can the industry will welcome rapid development.

Since July, up to on July 12 closing quotation, store can board piece continuance rises prices, straight flush store can go up during notional index 7.75% , run considerably win on card index (during accumulative total drops 1.21% ) , have 64 store can concept run beat grail index, occupy than exceeding most probably, among them, always blessing share (59.66% ) , should promote science and technology (33.35% ) , Chinese Baoan (30.82% ) during accumulative total goes up a house before 3, lithium of Gelinmei, 100 million abb can, 9 continent chemical industry of group, Keshida, nebular share, Long Xing, heart Fang Na rice, Hua Zike ability 8 during accumulative total goes up all also exceed 20% , performance is excellent.

Be worth what carry is, since July, store can notional board piece in emerge in large numbers is much only strong, lithium of rice of peaceful heart times, heart square accept, 100 million abb can, power source of shake abundant science and technology, sunshine, always Gao Ke of blessing share, Guo Xuan, day adds up to light energy, new view to wait 9.

To store can board piece the market performance of the near future, net of platoon of illicit collect platoon considers to be in charge of Liu Youhua to be opposite " negotiable securities daily " the reporter expresses, store can board piece the near future goes strong, have the reason of two respects, the first is the support of policy face, the profit with policy ceaseless face is good, to whole industry, main area can be improved considerably, industry foreground is bright. The 2nd is battery of lithium of new energy resources of benefit from benefit from, whole the sources of energy board piece go up tremendous, capital is right board of the sources of energy piece intervening strength is very late.

Electric car and new energy industry are starting at what high speed develops level, country about the county one course smooth dog days is distributed the development program that generate electricity, having major strategy sense 10 years to future of new energy industry more, liu Yan tells president of the asset that install the rank of nobility the reporter, store can board piece the near future goes strong is the consensus that the market grows to high speed of prospective new energy resources.

Meanwhile, market fund is active also layout store can concept. Since July, store can concept in have 29 during show big only fund to flow into posture completely, occupy than nearly 4 into, total big only fund buys the specified amount completely during 6.034 billion yuan, among them, lithium of Gelinmei, 100 million abb can, Ningde times 3 during before big only fund buys the forehead to reside completely, it is 1.348 billion yuan respectively, 854 million yuan, 852 million yuan, biyadi, should rise science and technology, Guo Xuan rice of Fang Na of power source of Gao Ke, sunshine, heart 5 during big only fund buys the forehead to all also exceed 200 million yuan completely, afore-mentioned 8 aggregate absorb gold 5.42 billion yuan.

Outstanding achievement respect, store can notional board piece the outstanding achievement of the company also welcomes better improvement, up to on July 12 closing quotation, store can notional board piece the Communist Party of China had 15 companies to release outstanding achievement is premonitory first half of the year, 12 companies outstanding achievement is fond of beforehand, occupy than most probably. Among them, 100 plain 5 companies such as share of science and technology of Baoan of share, China, Gelinmei, Jin Zhi, camel predict upper limit of amplitude of net first half of the year this year gain all exceeds 115% .

To store can board piece investment opportunity, hua Hui achieves Yuan Huaming of rich investment general manager to express, current store can board piece the phase that is in development of policy support, estate, outstanding achievement to grow to approve mutual addition with capital market, july considering hopeful the national carbon of be born trades the market to store can of the industry grow in having urge action for a long time, right board piece investor sentiment has short-term carry display vigour to use, store can board piece the possibility that existence takes strong further. Those who be worth vigilance is, exorbitant pass to go up quickly mean tomorrow store can board piece wave motion may be compared big, overmeasure value still makes board piece outstanding achievement cashs pressure is more outstanding.

Liu Yan thinks, although the near future takes strong share price quickly,innovate repeatedly tall, but look to still having very large growing space for a long time from which, proposal investor key pays close attention to store can board piece hind city invests an opportunity, meet low intervene stage by stage group by group.

Liu Youhua expresses, in will for a long time look, store can board piece development potential is tremendous, proposal key pays close attention to industry bibcock investment opportunity.

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